Welcome to my little slice of life, love and personal growth



I have always had a love of learning and one of my greatest passions is to learn about people. I believe if our mind and our heart is open we can truly get to know another person and from that we can help them on their journey through life.

I am a strong believer in the ripple effect, if we can offer someone even the simplest kindness then perhaps that simple positive will flow from them to the next person they are in contact with and so on. ¬†Imagine you smile and say hello to someone who happens to catch your eye whilst you are out buying your lunch. Now imagine they smile back, they have a little sparkle in their eye as they leave the store because, well, it was nice that someone they didn’t know smiled at them and said hello when they didn’t have to. Before they reach their car someone catches their eye, they smile and the positivity continues on.

I hope you will find something here that shows you another way of looking at a situation or helps you in someway, if at the very least you leave here with a smile and a sparkle in your eye then I couldn’t be happier.