Love can be …

There for one, there for all.

It’s a sleepy Sunday evening, tomorrow the week starts anew. And after two conversations I had today, totally random conversations, with two very different people who struggled too see how love could come in to their lives.
Two things came to me, the first a poem which I wrote, because I believe it to be true. The second a blog post I read which inspired my thoughts and confirmed my believes further. I wanted to share both with you:-
Love doesn’t turn it’s back and say,
I’m sorry you’re not welcome today,
Your age is such it isn’t meant to be,
Your past has said just let be be,
I really am not meant for you,
You lost the one, the only true,
A friend, no more is meant to be,
A life without love, I am so sorry,
Love waits quietly for you to see,
That it is there and it can be!
I wish you all a wonderful evening and a tomorrow filled with dreams, hope and of course love.

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