Not being a grown up

Lets start with a few facts about me. I love milkshake, strawberry, chocolate, vanilla, honeycomb, you name it, I love it.

I also love sweets. I am fortunate and there is a quaint little sweet shop in my village. They have a whole wall filled with bottles of sweets, which even in this metric age I still order by the quarter. Being completely honest I don’t ever order one quarter, with so much choice I have to buy at least two little paper bags full of yummy goodness.

There are many things I have loved since I was a child, books, drawing, cartoons and being silly.

It is the final item on this list that seems to get up the nose of some people. I truly believe that life is serious enough as it is without making it even more so and unnecessarily.

If I can find something silly that makes me laugh, I will do. If I do something silly that makes me and others laugh then why not.

There is plenty of time for being serious and being silly doesn’t mean I am stupid or naive. For me it means I still know how to laugh at the simple things in life.

So if being grown-up means no more being silly then if you don’t mind I’ll leave being grown-up for another life.

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