I wish the people supermarket would go out of business!

In a world that gets increasingly busier we are grateful for the things that take the effort out of a task. This is great and I am all for simplifying my life wherever possible.

We don’t have to find the time to go to the shops, worry about where we are going to park, how many shops we are going to have to trail around, how long we are going to take. Instead, we can sit in the comfort of our homes, grab the laptop and online shopping here we come!

A beautifully organised shop pops up on your screen, there are tabs at the top with categories and lists within those tabs. We can zoom around finding exactly what we need and before your tea has time to cool we are done and can get on with the next thing on our ever expanding to-do-list. This all sounds wonderful and with regard to many things it is, but this got me thinking about people. Yes, I know the connection isn’t obvious, but bear with me.
I have a vivid imagination and a vision popped into my head of people, all very neatly placed on the shelves in a supermarket and instead of a list of ingredients they have an about-me list. Our friends are in one aisle, family in another, work colleagues yet another and the list goes on. They are all packed very neatly into boxes and we are secure in this knowledge.

That is until we realise that one of our rogue friends has escaped, they are currently in the miscellaneous aisle. They have torn their about me list off and thrown it in the trash. Instead of logically working their way around the store, they are zigzagging up and down random aisles. They crash into a neat pile of could-be-new-friends before charging towards you.

You freeze, like a rabbit caught in the headlights: hey! This isn’t how things are supposed to be!

All this chaos, all these unknowns, will they jump in the freezer with where lost friends of the past are nicely frozen. Who knows? You decide there is only thing for it, you have to make a grab for them. You tell yourself if you can sedate them enough they can be placed back in their box, on the shelf you have defined for them. You can breathe easily again, comfortable in the knowledge that this is where they are, who they are, what they are. I mean you have a busy life and finding time to discover who people really are, all that randomness is, well all rather inconvenient and to be honest it makes you feel kind of uncomfortable.

The thing is people don’t belong in neat boxes on shelfs, with labels. If people belong anywhere, and yes this is another food analogy, it is with the crazy chef that throws all sorts of ingredients together to make, not necessarily the perfect looking meal, but by god it is the most delicious and exciting meal you have ever tasted.

Let loose from their boxes who knows what joys these people can bring to your life, what adventures you could have and … wait for it …. what you could learn about yourself. So people, be brave, take the time to get to know the people that are in your life, let them be who they are and yes, back away from those tidy little boxes and enjoy the chaos.

Love Cate

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