Each day anew

As the sun rises Every day anew Fresh and pure Like Morning Dew   With every moment And each new breath The future unfurls Our past laid to rest   We learn, we grow We strive to be At one with all Connected yet free

The jury’s out… let’s keep it that way

In society with an ever expanding digital arena people’s physical appearance gets more attention than ever before.  In addition to the traditional outlets, such as magazine filled with movie stars and supermodels with their digitally enhanced pictures, access to high end products, stylists and the such, we can now find ourselves being judged next to … More The jury’s out… let’s keep it that way


You would think that being yourself is the simplest thing in the world to do, at a surface level maybe but the deep down you, that is not so easy. But instead of worrying that people will run for the hills, the people that truly care will see a little more of your inner light, … More Embrace

Love can be …

There for one, there for all. It’s a sleepy Sunday evening, tomorrow the week starts anew. And after two conversations I had today, totally random conversations, with two very different people who struggled too see how love could come in to their lives. Two things came to me, the first a poem which I wrote, … More Love can be …

A day

It takes not much to make a day An act of kindness shown your way It takes not much to bring a smile A little silliness can last a long while It takes not much when you see Quite how beautiful life can be!

To live and learn

Such beauty, such grace etched upon a beautiful face Wisdom gained from lessons learnt Enlightenment reigns instead of hurt Riches found everyday In life’s great tapestry You pave the way to become a better you In all you say and all you do


A wonderful smile to start the day Then happy words to share A skip in my step to set me on my way A simple gesture because I care Smile, share, skip, care It’s easy, why not try To add a little happiness And make each day just fly