Unlimit Yourself

What we can achieve in our life should never be limited by sticking to the ordinary, the everyday Reach for the stars, even if you don’t have a NASA Spacecraft, You’ll never know how high you can go if you don’t try

Hungry for Happiness? Part 2 – Decisions, Decisions!

Following my previous piece on finding happiness I would now like to share my thoughts on a subject that is very close to my heart … who is responsible for your happiness? I have always been a great believer in taking responsibility for yourself. I know for some people this is an extremely scary idea. … More Hungry for Happiness? Part 2 – Decisions, Decisions!

The jury’s out… let’s keep it that way

In society with an ever expanding digital arena people’s physical appearance gets more attention than ever before.  In addition to the traditional outlets, such as magazine filled with movie stars and supermodels with their digitally enhanced pictures, access to high end products, stylists and the such, we can now find ourselves being judged next to … More The jury’s out… let’s keep it that way

Love can be …

There for one, there for all. It’s a sleepy Sunday evening, tomorrow the week starts anew. And after two conversations I had today, totally random conversations, with two very different people who struggled too see how love could come in to their lives. Two things came to me, the first a poem which I wrote, … More Love can be …